execute   invincible   detail invincible   have   mortal remains   mortal remains   det wirl

wirl   wirl   overzicht oktober   crying   dedicate   summ passenger, lie and weight   soldier  

summ stand, crying and helsman   lie

I Love the BeNeLux     brood met rokende aardappel   hanging man   neus   enthullung der Kultur   knallend traktorwiel   Landschaft als Entluftungsloch

lead balls   pantoffel-met-pijp   ovecouple with a hole   bread head and tractor   bread and two heads   telephonehead and scream   bread valves

conference lloyd

actor   complacency   deception     incalculable   oktober 2   exempts   invincible

decline   monkey and two mouses   mesmerize   view over december   monkey and angel   two heads   dumb  

summary stom en arggh  

  Styptic   aristokratie der empfindsamkeit   rolling block and reversed   going up   worker   transformed  

transformed dedication   industrial privileging   blue level

detail Immersion   immersion   differerent thoughts   detail different thoughts     colour as thoughts   color as thoughts   detail color as thoughts   detail color as thoughts