Sculpture exhibitions (selection)
2018 Galerie With Tsjalling, Groningen The World according to Ch.a.r.p,
2017 Performance Tour, Amsterdam After Image
2016 Galerie With Tsjalling, Groningen Krssj Argh
2016 Kadmium, Delft Pose
2015 Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam Wintergarden
2014 EKWC Sunday Morning, Artist Residence, togetherwith Marianne Theunissen
2014 Watertoren, Stadskanaal We come in peace
2011 P’art, Zwolle, Life is Heart
2010 Artfair Tuap, M4, Istanbul, Turkey NAP
2009 Galerie Virgil de Voldere, New York I love the Benelux
2008 RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden Never use a plate that as been fired up the devilsasshole 2007 Lokaal 01, Breda Paulo Post Futurum
2005 Centraal Museum, Utrecht,  Dollen aan de Overkant, Kunst van Altrecht
2005 Galerie Carla Steutzer, Koln Germany Dum-Dum sculpture
2005 Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam Culturele Ambassade
2003 Galerie Ruimte Morguen, Antwerpen Geknede Beelden Belgium.
2003 Het Vijfde Seizoen”,  S.K.O.R.Kneden en W.A.Hoeve Den Dolder,
2001  T.E.N.T. Rotterdam Mean Mercy
2000 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany The Container, a travelog
2000 Galerie Ruimte Morguen, Antwerpen, Belgium Stom en Arghh.   

Drawing exhibitions
2018 Galerie With Tsjalling, Groningen. The world according to ch.a.r.p
2014 Institut de Carton, Bruxelles, BelgiumForcefield, a drawing show
2011 Next Fair, Project Space K1, Chigaco Critical Reception

Collaborative projects Chris Baaten & Marianne Theunissen:

The Revenge of the Spektre’s Kitchen
A project based on the physical and psychological interdependence of men and objects, with references to the film “Solaris” by Tarkovsky and the Mir spaceship. Installation with 3 series of sculptures and one film.
2016 Ruimte Morguen, Antwerp The Double or the Real Object of Mind, installation and premiere of the homonymous film.
2016 The Double or the Real Object of Mind The final edit of this ‘handmade science fiction’ video film conjures up a dystopian space, in which verbal communication between the protagonists has come to a halt and physically permutated objects transfer human feelings.
2015 Arena, de Nieuwe Meer, AmsterdamInstallation of the project with live performance by Cecilia Bengtson and Ioannis Tzaninis
2015 Experience Platform, Pictura, DordrechtIntroduction to the project with a lecture by the philosopher Derek Schmulov and presentation of the first version of the filmThe Double or the Real Object of Mind
2014 Art-kitchen gallery, AmsterdamPresentation of the project in the context of the works of Joseph Beuys
2013 Art-residency, LeoXIII, TilburgCreating the objects for the film-set
2012 Kunst-traject, Kunstvlaai, AmsterdamPresentation of the objects for The Revenge of the Spektre’s Kitchen, part 2, objects in space: a landing, connecting.
2012 Oude Raadhuis, Hoofddorp, NederlandThe Revenge of the Spektre’s Kitchen, part 1, Restless Tables  landscape with abandoned objects.

Topography of Trousers and Sleeves
A film about a man and a woman in a confined space in the middle of a crowd of passengers.
2011 Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, Coulisse vice-versaexhibition and performance
2011 P’art, Zwolle, Life is HeartInstallation and film

Biosonic Furniture Training
Installation, performance and film based on the presumption that furniture determines our lives and behaviours and thus dictates the choreography of both performance and film.
2017 After Image Performance Tour, AmsterdamFilm screening
2013 Gallery Ruimte Morguen, AntwerpInstallation with screening of the homonymous film and artist book
2010 Mondriaan FondsRadio Rood, performance Biosonic Furniture Training
2010 Kunstvereniging Diepenheim the Agony of Two People, exhibition of the individual and collective works of Theunissen and Baaten
2009 Extrapool, Nijmegen, TAC, Eindhoven,Presentation of the performance Biosonic Furniture Training
Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam,
Urban Explorers Festival in Dordrecht.

Magic Bullet
Performance , re-enactment of a choreography based on the trajectory of the bullet that killed President Kennedy, with Len Staals and Dick Verdult. 
2009 Pakhuis de Zwijger,  Amsterdam, Extrapool,
Nijmegen, Kunstcentrum Diepenheim, the
Hague KABK

On it’s Head
A short film commissioned by ‘Grote Kunst voor Kleine Mensen’
2012 Museum de Paviljoens, AlmereFilm screening in exhibition
2011 Villa Zebra, RotterdamFilm screening
2010 Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Film screening in exhibition ‘Big art for small people’,Amsterdam
2008 Noordjes Kinderkunst, AmsterdamFilm screening
2008 Stadsschouwburg AlmerePerformance and film screening
2008 Dutch television ‘KRO Kindertijd’Film screening
2007 Cinekidfestival, AmsterdamFilm première

The Agony of a Table and two people
A short video presenting the male/female relationship as a living sculpture that strives to establish its hierarchy in a sham-battle with furniture
2010 Kassel Documentar- und video festival, Film sold to the collection of the GermanyGermany.
2009 Virgil de Voldere Gallery, New YorkFilm screening
2008 VHDG Leeuwarden and, Film screening Hamburg, Germany
2007 ‘t Hoogt, UtrechtFilm screening and film-installation
2006 Kassel Documentary- und video festival, international competition Germany
2006 Exis-film festival, Seoul, Koreainternational competition Balchik, Bulgariainternational competition
Oberhausen film festival, Germanyinternational competition

Yellow Fever
A film about the daily performance of two women who share the same house, clothes and objects
2010 Impakt Festival, UtrechtFilm screening
2009 Impakt Festival, UtrechtFilm screening
2008 Upssala, filmfestival, Finlandinternational competition
VHDG LeeuwardenRGB – ‘filmgast bij jou thuis’, Film screening
De Balie, AmsterdamFilm screening Shorts festivalClermont Ferrand, FranceFilm screening
Doc. fest Kassel, GermanyInternational Competition
2007 Oberhausen Film festival, Germanyworld première, international competition Glimz.netDistributor of the film